Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers

Dr. Seegers holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science from University of Colorado, Boulder, Doctor of Chiropractic degree from University of Western States, and is currently finishing a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine also from the Univ. of Western States. She has been practicing Chiropractic for the last 20 years and nutrition counseling for the past 5 years out of her practice, Back in Motion Chiropractic, Massage and Wellness center, here in Bellingham, Wa. 

Dr. Seegers was a competitive athlete for many years as a Triathlete and runner prior to becoming a busy Mom and business owner. She has enjoyed being able to practice Sports medicine from a broad base of personal experience, and also applies the Sports Medicine concepts to treating all bodies, from the foundational belief that we are all meant to use our bodies athletically and that movement is key to life, thus the chosen name of her business Back In Motion. In 2009, Dr. Seegers experienced a health crisis, which sent her researching for answers to the mystery that seemed suddenly to be robbing her of her vitality. With the help of other doctors who were willing to think out of the box, she began to regain her health, and was catapulted into more research and a quest to help her patients who presented with symptoms that were unexplainable by Western Medicine alone. This quest for the cutting edge knowledge is what lead her to begin a Master's degree. 

She says this about utilizing clinical nutrition, "I am passionate about guiding and educating my patients about their ability to take control of their health, whether it is treating an autoimmune condition, losing weight, or aging optimally, it IS within their reach, and many times it can be done with nutrition and lifestyle changes alone".