Robin Robertson, co-host, and Erika Flint, host of Reprogram Your Health Radio

Robin Robertson, co-host, and Erika Flint, host of Reprogram Your Health Radio

Congratulations! You have been selected to be a guest expert on Reprogram Your Health Radio!

We are so happy to invite you to share your message with our local and world-wide communities.

Overview and Timeline

  1. Fill out the Expert Guest Form if you haven't already. 
  2. Fill out the  interview questionnaire 1-2 weeks prior to your record date to prepare your show's focus and content.  (note for those of you who like to get things done immediately, if you want to fill out your interview questionnaire early, that's fine but read through this entire guide first.)
  3. Show is aired live, or recorded : we record at The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention, in Bellingham : 1312 Bay St, Bellingham, WA 98225
    1. Come prepared for video and pictures - yes it's a radio show, but on the day of your episode we will also take a few pictures, and record a short (less than 60 second) promotional video to build awareness around your show. 
  4. Marketing begins to bring awareness to your show (note if your show is live this begins prior to step 3). You are highly encouraged to share and distribute information to your community to promote your show. 
  5. Show is aired on KMRE 102.3 FM, and on
  6. A few days after the original air date, the webpage regarding your episode is made available with other ways for listeners to replay your show, including : 
    1. Download or stream online at
    2. iTunes, at
    3. Google Play at
  7. Most importantly : Your show helps a lot of people lead healthier and happier lives, and everyone involved in the show feels a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment at bringing your message to a wider audience. There is more peace and happiness in our community, and you begin helping even more people with your message.  


Part 1: Prepare for your show with a Great Message! 

Here are a few guidelines on the type of content and message we are interested in sharing : 

  • Hopeful and inspirational  - we want our listeners to walk away feeling GOOD! For this reason, we will focus on positive aspects of the work you do and success stories. We never want to create separation in our community, or give the impression of competition or finger-pointing. That's not what we do on this show. 
  • Action Oriented - we want our listeners to walk away with at least ONE good thing they can do the day they listen to the show. We don't want the show to be theoretical in nature,  or regarding elements that our listeners don't have access to right now, meaning unavailable in the Whatcom county area, or unavailable at this point in time. 
  • Leaning toward the leading edge - we want to give our listeners new ideas, but also ones that aren't purely theoretical or  metaphysical in nature.
  • Fun and REAL -  we have fun on the show, and our discussions are about real issues people care about.
  • What's in it for our listeners? - this is very important. When considering what content to cover, one question to ask is,  what's in it for the listeners? Our listeners are our top-priority, and every show will need to clearly meet the criteria of "so what?" and "what's in it for me?" from the listeners perspective. This means we never want our shows to feel like an infomercial or that we're selling products or services. That being said, your business is likely to grow from being an expert on our show. 
  • Very Limited Time Frame - The show is 30 minutes of air time, which breaks down to 3, 8 minute segments (see part 2, Show Format, below for details) . Time goes by very quickly. For this reason, it's important that you consider the following - if there were only 3 things I could share with the listeners, what would they be? 


Part 2: Show Format 

The show is split into approximately 3, 8 minute segments with the following outline as a guide. Note that the purpose of the interview questionnaire is to help you narrow down what we'll be discussing, so the below is used as a guide. Do not worry about coming up with all of this on your own! That is the point of the interview questionnaire. Read over this first to get an idea before you fill out the interview questionnaire.


Part 1 : Dispelling the Myths and the New Paradigm

This part is all about telling our listeners about your message in a way that grabs their attention. One of the best ways to do that is to begin by covering the common myths about your topic, then sharing the truth - what is known now, that will be helpful for them. 

Another option is to begin with an inspirational story that demonstrates the above concept. 


Part 2 : Take Action

In this segment of the show, we give our listeners details on what they can do to feel better. It should include real, actionable steps for our listeners. 


Part 3 : Recap and Standard Questions

In this segment of the show, we summarize and recap what our listeners should do. It includes the following 3 standard questions : 

  1. What is your definition of health (in regards to your topic) ? 
  2. What are the top 3 take-aways you want our listeners to do ? (Action - meaning giving them something to DO is more important than KNOWing something in this case). 
  3. How can our listeners get in contact with you? 


PART 3: Market Your Show!

You are highly encouraged to help market your show to your friends, family, and community to build interest in your episode and get as many listeners as possible on your air date! 

Here's the basic outline of how each show is marketed. One of the easiest ways to market your show is to like our Facebook page here:, then share or repost content. 

  • Facebook - video and posts announcing the show, when it airs, and when the podcast is available. 
  • Email  - an email is sent to our list a week prior to your show airing. Use the email content to send to your own list, or send a different email to your list regarding the show. 
  • Blog post - details about the show including : 
    • a downloadable podcast 
    • our video
    • syndication to iTunes
    • syndication to Google Play

Please share our marketing elements with your community to help promote your episode.