Dr. Linda (Sunny) Goggin, co-host

Linda Goggin MD, affectionately known as “Sunny” to those around her, considers putting the “fun” into Functional Medicine her prime objective. During a time when everyone is giving advice on “what” to do, Sunny wants to get real and help people with the “how”. She's been in the medical business for quite a long time now, starting as a hospital volunteer, then a nurse's aide, then a registered nurse before she went to medical school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. After all these years she still would do it again in a heartbeat. 

During her medical career Dr Goggin has explored several roles in medicine, including hospitalist for Kaiser Permanente, Medical Director of the Swain County Health Department in North Carolina, and old-fashioned country doctor, (one minute in the emergency room and the next minute in the clinic, then rushing off to the nursing home or to see a patient in the hospital), After moving to Bellingham, WA she continued giving primary care in a clinic setting and found her love affair with medicine reignited on discovering and implementing the Functional Medicine Model in her personal medical practice.

Now she hones her ability to motivate and guide daily by attempting to subtly manipulate her husband and 3 kids, as well as caring for patients at Bellingham Functional Medicine where she collaborates with Functional Nutritionist powerhouse and author Tom Malterre, MS, CN (The Elimination Diet, Nourishing Meals). She is also the owner and medical director of Ideal Health Bellingham which provides medical weight loss guidance using the Ideal Protein Protocol and Direct Primary Care.

She is the author of the newly released book Feel Good Again : A Game-Changing Guide to Creating Wellness, Energy, and Joy Using Functional Medicine Principles


A pioneer on the edge of medicine, Sunny created the first Direct Primary Care Practice in Bellingham, Washington, where she remains passionate about empowering clients to claim their health vision and race towards it with wild abandon. Sunny thinks creating health is a fantastically cool game once you figure out where to aim your arrow, point, and shoot. So get out your bow and let’s go!