Elizabeth Grace, Assistant Producer

Walking Spirit, Elizabeth Grace is an Intuitive Energy Worker and Wellness Advocate specializing in Whole; Mind, Body and Spiritual Wellness. Elizabeth Grace harnesses daily the healing power of Drumming, Dance, Mindful Meditation, Nature Therapy, Essential Oils, and Feng Shui,  and is committed to applying these practices in her life daily and empowering others to find their own Wellness Rhythms. Elizabeth Grace is a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner, and is also triple certified in Claircognizance/Clairsentience/& Clairvoyance, Energy Healing, and Spirit Communication.

Best known by her friends and family as Elly; in her free time, Elly enjoys kayaking, hiking,  dancing, drumming and just about anything that gets her sweating to maintain her health and happiness. She has also gone gluten free and all organic for the past couple of years and is still enjoying seeing the amazing transformation in her overall health as a result. As a former art teacher and summer camp cook, Elly now donates her time regularly to teach painting classes to teens that are incarcerated and can often be found working with various non profits to help to feed and house the homeless. Her life long goal is to open and operate a Wellness Retreat Center that functions as a part time Summer Camp, but that also serves to benefit orphans, at risk teens, abandoned elderly and homeless families.

You can find more information about Walking Spirit, Elizabeth Grace and inquire about her services on Facebook. Stay tuned for a GoFundMe campaign and opportunities to make donations to support Elly in opening and operating the non-profit Summer Camp that will serve to benefit our most precious, vulnerable and in need populations.

Elly Grace