Episode 5 : A Prescription for the Outdoors : the Bellingham Parkscriptions Program with April Claxton


What if your doctor or health care provider wrote you a prescription for getting outdoors - would that persuade you to spend time at the local park, or playing ball with your kids? 

A new program in Bellingham, designed after other successful programs nationwide thinks so. 

Join host Erika Flint with co-host Dr. Sunny Googin and guest expert April Claxton, of Recreation Northwest on this episode of Reprogram Your Health Radio. 

Guest Expert


Covered in this episode : 

  • What is the Parkscriptions Program? 
  • What is the psychology of getting outside for health, and why are we more likely to do it if our healthcare provider tells us to? 
  • Success stories of other cities - this may surprise you! 
  • What you can do RIGHT NOW to take advantage of this idea, get outside and feel good.


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