Episode 3 : How to Get Healthy Using Principles of Functional Medicine with Dr. Sunny Goggin

Join host Erika Flint with guest expert Dr. Linda (Sunny) Goggin for Episode 3 : Get Healthy Again with Principles of Functional Medicine

Covered in this episode : 

  • What is Functional Medicine?
  • How is Functional Medicine different than traditional Western Medicine?
  • What should you do if your doctor says you're 'fine' but you don't feel well? 
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Episode 2 : Healthy Knees Cycling

Did you know that one third of all doctor visits for muscle or bone pain are complaints about the knees?

In this episode host Erika Flint interviews Robin Robertson on her new book - Healthy Knees Cycling : The Fun No-Impact Way to Reduce Joint Pain, Improve Strength, and Help You Live an Active Lifestyle

Robin answers the question - is it possible to have knee pain or injury and remain active?

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