EP21: AYURVEDIC MEDICINE with Katrina Svoboda Johnson

Katrinta Svoboda Johnson joins hosts Erika Flint and Robin Robertson for this episode on the fascinating topic of Ayurvedic Medicine. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old modality and it's goal, simply put, is to add life to your years—and years to your life. We want to live a healthy, long life, and Ayurveda's wisdom shows each of us unique beings how to do that.

Ayurveda has many tools through to do this with, including : the foods we choose to eat, herbs and spices, appropriate exercise, self-care routines and practices, engaging with supportive community, and cultivating a general awareness of what we are doing (and why!) are some tools that are easily available to most of us.

Covered in this episode :
The 3 Doshas, and how the impact you personally including what you should eat! Speaking of what you should eat, what should you eat according to your dosha? How about those sauces at the Indian restaurant - do you know which color is right for you? How to create balance in your life to live a fulfilling life, and so much more