EP 22: Lasting Weight Loss with Hypnosis With Erika Flint

Join host Robin Robertson in this exciting episode where the tables get turned on regular co-host Erika Flint, who is our esteemed guest expert this week! Erika will be talking about weight loss with hypnosis and her book- 'Reprogram Your Weight'- in bookstores now!

Covered in this episode

  • What is hypnosis? 
  • How can hypnosis help us to lose weight? 
  • Why is it so hard to lose weight? 
  • What's going on in the brain with appetite, habitual eating, and emotional eating that impacts our waist line? 
  • The ONE thing you can do today to start feeling lighter, trimmer, and get in control of food. 
  • And so much more! 

This is a really fun episode where Erika and Robin lay out the foundation for healthy weight loss without the struggle. 


Learn more about Erika's best-selling book and program Reprogram Your Weight