EP 23: Natural Botox with Dr. Kaley Bourgeois and Dr. Bridghid McMonagle


Join host Erika Flint and Robin Robertson and learn all about Natural Botox with guest experts Dr. Kaley Bourgeois and Dr. Bridghid McMonagle. 

This episode is packed with great information about how to have healthy skin and hair based on the secrets in their best-selling book Secret To A Younger You : The 3 Month Program : A Natural Facelift without Botox.


Top 3 Myths About Skin Care Debunked!

1) What you eat doesn't affect your skin

Skin aging, hair health, and rashes such as acne and eczema can be very sensitive to diet. We see dramatic improvements in skin when patients remove processed foods, allergens and increase their hydration.


2) There are no natural alternatives to botox and synthetic fillers

Platelets and growth factors can be removed from your own blood and used to stimulate new collagen in your skin. We can also make a natural filler with those same platelets.

3) Hair loss is just a part of aging, there's nothing you can do

Hair loss is often due to hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues or nutrient deficiency like iron or biotin. There are things that can be done.


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