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EP17:The Elimination Diet with Tom Malterre

Tom Malterre, author of The Elimination Diet and just all around great guy is currently teaching nutritional biochemistry to doctors and other practitioners as an educator for the Institute for Functional Medicine. And he still had time to join hosts Robin Robertson and Erika Flint for this episode! Did you know dis-ease is caused by getting too many of the things you DON'T need, and not enough of the ones you do? Learn how to easily and systematically eliminate some of the most destructive elements in the common western diet to start feeling better now.

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EP15 : How to Identify and Avoid Everyday Toxins with Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers


Join us for an incredibly useful and important episode on How to Identify and Avoid Everyday Toxins. 

Feel better NOW by identifying and eliminating what is actually making you sick - even if you don't feel sick - you may just feel tired and not perform at your highest. 

Covered in this episode: 

✓ Everyday toxins in your home
✓ Hidden toxins you may not be aware of
✓ How to eliminate toxins safely and easily
✓ The myths of toxicity - including : "If I'm not profoundly sick, it's not toxic"
✓ Other myths of toxicity you won't want to miss
✓ And much, much  more....

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Episode 7: The Keys to Optimal Aging and Increased Energy Creation with Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers

Today’s Show is on Optimal Aging and Mitochondrial restoration.

Mitochondria are the body’s powerhouses – responsible for producing energy in our cells. And when the body’s energy production is diminished, cell function is negatively impacted. It’s like a power outage at home – you can read by candle-light for a while, but pretty soon if the power isn’t restored the food in the fridge spoils and everything you do is harder and takes longer to finish.

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Episode 2 : Healthy Knees Cycling

Did you know that one third of all doctor visits for muscle or bone pain are complaints about the knees?

In this episode host Erika Flint interviews Robin Robertson on her new book - Healthy Knees Cycling : The Fun No-Impact Way to Reduce Joint Pain, Improve Strength, and Help You Live an Active Lifestyle

Robin answers the question - is it possible to have knee pain or injury and remain active?

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