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EP24: Aging is Not a four letter word!

There's  a commonly held belief that as we get older things slow down - our bodies, our minds, are just subjected to gravity and a natural decline in all of our abilities they say. What if that isn't true? What if we can get more skilled and advance as we get older? Check out this latest episode where we find out the truth about how to slow down the aging process with mental exercises, and expert advice from our guest expert Nicola Mann. 

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Episode 7: The Keys to Optimal Aging and Increased Energy Creation with Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers

Today’s Show is on Optimal Aging and Mitochondrial restoration.

Mitochondria are the body’s powerhouses – responsible for producing energy in our cells. And when the body’s energy production is diminished, cell function is negatively impacted. It’s like a power outage at home – you can read by candle-light for a while, but pretty soon if the power isn’t restored the food in the fridge spoils and everything you do is harder and takes longer to finish.

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